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My Name is Chris. I write Kim Possible adult fan fiction on Fanfiction.net. My 1st story - Cheer Fight - is now a comic thanks to Ironwlf at TeaseComix.com

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Posted by ChrisPalmerX - 2 weeks ago

If you use Facebook you can join this PRIVATE group for Kim Possible fans called Kim Possible Fandom (no rules) The only way to get in is to answer ALL 3 questions. We don't want people in the group who don't like "NSFW" content.

Join HERE: https://facebook.com/groups/KimPossibleFandomNORULES/




Posted by ChrisPalmerX - 2 weeks ago

Seriously? This is Disney? How did this scene get passed the censers?




Posted by ChrisPalmerX - 3 weeks ago

Wow....it's hard to believe back in January when I first thought of the idea for Shego's Game I had writers block!

Not anymore....

I just wanted to say I'm having a lot of fun writing Ch. 7 of Shego's Game. That chapter is called "The Fear In Her Eyes" and so far it's 3,000 WORDS LONG!

I just posted Ch. 4 a few days ago and I'm on an every OTHER week schedule so I don't expect to post Ch. 7 for a while but just know it's very intense, oily, funny and dramatic!

You might even say...it will get you in the "feels."

This up and coming chapter is my favorite chapter so far! I can't wait to show you.

All in due time.



Posted by ChrisPalmerX - 1 month ago

Cheer Fight is a comic I wrote. Art by Ironwolf. It's 72 pages long and you can read the entire comic on http://TeaseComix.Com



Posted by ChrisPalmerX - 1 month ago

Motivation Monday!



Posted by ChrisPalmerX - 1 month ago

Shego's Game - Ch. 4 has been posted! (LINK BELOW)



MY NEW POSTING SCHEDULE: In the past I updated my stories with a new chapter every week but this time I'm posting a new chapter every OTHER week. This new schedule will give myself more time to complete the story and more time to promote the story too. So expect Chapter 5 on Sunday May 23rd! (or before)

This story has a "Saw-type" theme. It's not as overly sexual as my other stories. ALTHOUGH, in THIS CHAPTER (Ch. 4) a character has an orgasm!

Generally the synopsis is this:

It's 5 years since graduation. Kim and Bonnie find themselves locked in a room, naked! There hands are handcuffed behind there backs AND there's a rope around there neck. A doll named Billie gives them a 1/2 hour to escape as the rope slowly pulls up! The rope pulls UP one inch every 5 minutes! The key to the handcuffs is dangling right in front of them on a string that's connected to there NIPPLES! Will they survive by working together or is there rivalry so deep that only one will escape while that person watches there friend die?

This challenge will get harder as time goes by too. For example, as I said before, the rope goes UP one inch every 5 minutes! At the 15 minute mark a vibrating egg starts to vibrate in there pussies. At the 20 minute mark, water is sprayed on them from above, and at 25 minutes oil is seeping on to the floor. Keep in mind, as time passes the noose is getting higher and higher! So at 25 minutes, the oil is seeping on the floor, there bodies are wet AND they are trying to stand on there tippy-toes to keep from choking because the rope is so high! It will be quite a challenge to stand on there ties with wet bodies and very slippery oil on the floor,

This story is a VERY different story then what I've written before. Like all my stories there will be twist and turns.

Will there be sex? Well, yes...but very little. In Ch. 3 Shego was about to give Dr. Drakken a blow job and now in Ch. 4 a character has an orgasm. Like I said...some sex but very little. It's more of a sexual torture thing since Kim & Bonnie are BOUND together with a wire on there nipples and a noose around there necks. It's more drama and suspense then sexual BUT a sexual bondage torture element adds to the suspense.

Once you read the first 4 chapters PLEASE leave me a review. If you like this type of story I'll do more of them in the future. Less sex and more drama and suspense. But I NEED to know if you like it!!! I already have an idea cooking in my head for Shego's Game Vol. 2 involving the hot desert sun and water. More on that AFTER this story is finished.

As of right now here are the titles of the current posted chapters and UP AND COMING chapters:

Ch. 1 - The Game Starts Now (POSTED)

Ch. 2 - The Fighting Never Ends (POSTED)

Ch. 3 - Dr. Drakken Likes To Watch (POSTED)

Ch. 4 - Bonnie's Kink (POSTED)

Ch. 5 - Dr. Drakken Is Loving This

Ch. 6 - Here Comes The Oil

Ch. 7 - The Fear In Her Eyes

(FYI...so far my 2 favorite chapters to write were Ch. 4 and Ch. 7. Both of those chapters were the most dramatic and thrilling of all the chapters. I'm had the MOST fun writing those chapters!)

Stay home and stay safe! And read Kim Possible Fan Fiction! :)


Here is the link to Ch. 4:



Posted by ChrisPalmerX - 1 month ago

Mother's Day is tomorrow! Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there. I hope your as hot a Kim's mom, Ann Possible. Pic drawn by Gagala.




Posted by ChrisPalmerX - 1 month ago

Mother's Day is THIS WEEKEND! Do you think Ann Possible is a hot MILF?



Posted by ChrisPalmerX - 1 month ago

YEAH!!!! Shego's Game has over 1000 views on FanFiction.Net!!!!!

REMEMBER: I've only posted 3 chapters so far!


OK...since you guys have pushed me OVER 1000 views I'll post Ch. 4 THIS WEEKEND!!!

Ch. 4 is called - Bonnie's Kink

In this chapter bell No. 4 rings and the sprinkler sprays them with water! ICE COLD WATER!!!

Now imagine this for a moment. They're naked! They're hands are handcuffed behind there backs, the keys to the handcuffs are dangling RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!

Bonnie's vibrator has been activated (so she's wiggling AND swarming from a vibrator moving INSIDE her) and FINALLY....Ice Cold Water is sprayed on them from above there heads!

It's going to be a VERY DRAMATIC chapter.

Again....thank you for getting me OVER 1000 views already. Ch. 4 will be posted this weekend.

Read the first 3 chapters NOW:






Posted by ChrisPalmerX - 1 month ago

I mostly use 3 social networks. Twitter, NewGrounds and Facebook. Sometimes Tumblr but rarely.

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