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My Name is Chris. I write Kim Possible adult fan fiction on Fanfiction.net. My 1st story - Cheer Fight is on TeaseComix. Follow my blog HERE: https://chrispalmerx.blogspot.com/

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Look at the title. There...I said it. I'm addicted to porn.

My addiction grew from my idea for a Kim Possible porn story.

I came up with the idea for Cheer Fight way back in 2016. I wrote it in 2017 and the comic was started in 2018 with Ironwolf over at Tease Comix. Holy shit I love this comic!!!!


Ever since then I've written several ADULT stories all starting Kim Possible. My latest one was about a girl who LOVES the fan fic Cheer Fight so much she became addicted to porn and it ruined her life. I wrote a story about my own porn addiction. It's called Cheer Fight Fantasy.

The first chapter of Cheer Fight Fantasy came out in January of this year. It was finally finished in June. It's just a Fan Fic not a comic.

I didn't listen to my own story. :(

For the record...I LIKE PORN! I really do. I enjoy it. I get a thrill coming up with creative ideas for adult fan fics. 

But I noticed that I was always (and I mean ALWAYS) looking for new Kim Possible porn everyday. When I had my Twitter account I would constantly look for more porn to share. When I lost my Twitter account I switched to my Facebook group. It's called The Kim Possible Fandom 13+. I find Kim Possible sexy pics and share them in the group. I schedule posts in the FB group far in advance. Now I have a Discord too.

My point is, I am ALWAYS looking at lots of porn sites to share content and tell my followers about the new stuff I find. ALWAYS!

So that's why I force myself to take breaks from social media. I realized now that I'm addicted to porn.


Not that you need to know this, it's more-or-less a confession for myself, - but...

...sometimes I would masturbate once or twice a day. On rare occasions 3 times...A DAY!  Most of the time to Kim Possible porn.

I fear this is why I have been single for over a year and a 1/2. :(

This is why I need breaks. 

Will I still look at porn? Yes!

Will I still try to find Kim Possible porn? Yes!

Am I learning to control it by taking breaks and doing other more important things...YES!


That's all for now. I'm on a break until the middle of Sept. 

See you soon.