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My new NSFW fanfic idea but...

Posted by ChrisPalmerX - September 16th, 2020

I have a small problem...maybe you can help.


I've using NewGrounds as a my blogging page for a while now. I really like it and I have a lot of followers there too.

I also use FanFiction.Net too. ALL of my Kim Possible X rated stories are on that site.

However, I want to write a NEW Kim Possible fan fiction story that well...kinda / sorta doesn't have anything to do with Kim Possible. It's generally about a girl named Sara who LIKES my Kim Possible fan fiction story Cheer Fight.

The NEW story will be called "Cheer Fight Fantasy."

Here's a general outline...

Sara tells her boyfriend, Mike, she LOVES the Kim Possible porn story Cheer Fight. She "fantasizes" about it. The idea of being oiled up, handcuffed and forced to suck cock at a glory hole is a big turn on for her! Her boyfriend blows off her "fantasy" and tells her it's too weird.

One day Sara dresses up LIKE Kim Possible. She posts pics on Instagram and Twitter. People "like" her Kim Possible cosplay.

Suddenly, masked man breaks into her house. He handcuffed her, RIPS off her Kim Possible outfit. This strange man tells her, "So, you like the fan fic Cheer Fight? Being oiled up, handcuffed and sucking cock through a glory hole really turns you on, doesn't it? Well, let's do it!"

Sara can't believe her boyfriend is making her sex fantasy come true. He walks Sara to the garage where there is a little pool filled with oil. He tells Sara that she has to oil wrestle a girl named Joy. If she wins and Joy loses, it's all over. But if Joy wins, Joy will handcuff her hands behind her back, make her lick her pussy and then put in a locked tool shed that has been transformed into a glory hole!

Sara (of course) looses. Joy makes her eat her pussy. Joy drags her to the gloy hole. Locks her in andf tells her she's NOT getting out until she sucks all the cocks!

In the glory hole closet Sara looks up and sees a camera pointing DOWN at her, just like in the Kim Possible fan fic. She's LOVING THIS. After she sucks off the first cock (her boyfriends cock) another cock pokes through. She hesitates, "Wait, I thought it was just you?"

The man yells from the other side, "This is your fantasy, right? Kim sucked off 15 cocks, I'm sure you can suck off 2 or 3." Sara smiles and continues to suck the cocks through the hole. After about 4 cocks, she's grows tied. Cum is dripping from her mouth and chin. She's had enough but she notices that it's quiet. There's no more cocks coming through the hole. It's as if all the guy (or guys) had left.

Suddenly, her boyfriend opens the closet door and sees Sara all oily with ripped up cloths. Sara smiles and tells her boyfriend, "Thanks for the KP captured role-play sex. it was fantastic."

So as you can see, this story is about a girl named Sara who wants to dress up like Kim Possible and LOOK like Kim Possible and play the victim / submissive like Kim Possible in my story Cheer Fight but...

...the story will NOT ACTUALLY BE ABOUT Kim Possible. It's about a girl who named Sara wants to "Be" Kim Possible!

So if it's NOT actually story about Kim Possible will I still be aloud to put it on FanFiction.Net? If I am, SHOULD I still put the story on FanFiction? 

And if I CAN'T put the story on FanFiction.net, because it's NOT actually about Kim Possible...where do I put it?

Do I write all the chapters HERE (on NewGrounds) in a blog? I don't think that's a good idea because it's not formatted for people to see the whole story once it's all done.

I was thinking a Blogger site what can only be viewed by people 18+. But...I don't have any followers on Blogger.


So, what do I do?

If you have any ideas for me, let me know.