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Shego's Game is COMING SOON!

Posted by ChrisPalmerX - April 3rd, 2020

My brand new Kim Possible fan fiction...Shego's Game...is coming soon!


Like I said in a previous blog, I feel I need to make it clear that this has NOTHING to do with Tease Comix. I was asked that by a few friends of mine on Twitter and Facebook. They thought it was a new Tease Comix story. It's not. Ironwolf (over at Tease Comix) is drew this cover for me but that's all. The story will NOT be on the Tease Comix website. This cover is for my Kim Possible Fan Fiction!


REMEMBER: This story has a "Saw" type theme.

I know that I'm kinda known for the Cheer Fight stories and that whole freaky oil wrestling / glory hole world I created but this NEW story has nothing to do with Cheer Fight.


Generally the synopsis is this:

It's 5 years since graduation. Kim and Bonnie find themselves locked in a room, naked! There hands are handcuffed behind there backs AND there's a rope around there neck. A doll named Billie gives them a 1/2 hour to escape as the rope slowly pulls up! The rope pulls UP one inch every 5 minutes! The key to the handcuffs is dangling right in front of them on a string that's connected to there NIPPLES! Will they survive by working together or is there rivalry so deep that only one will escape while that person watches there friend die?

This challenge will get harder as time goes by too. For example, as I said before, the rope goes UP one inch every 5 minutes! At the 15 minute mark a vibrating egg starts to vibrate in there pussies. At the 20 minute mark, water is sprayed on them from above, and at 25 minutes oil is seeping on to the floor. Keep in mind, as time passes the noose is getting higher and higher! So at 25 minutes oil is on the floor, there bodies are wet AND they are trying to stand on there tippy-toes to keep from choking because the rope is so high!

This story is a VERY different story then what I've written before. Like all my stories there will be twist and turns.

Will there be sex? Well, yes...but very little. It's more of a sexual torture thing since Kim & Bonnie are BOUND together with a wire on there tits and a noose around there necks. It's more drama and suspense then sexual.

Since I finally have the cover done I hope to have the 1st chapter posted on FanFiction.Net by this weekend sometime. LOOK FOR IT!

Also, you might have noticed the Vol. 1 on the bottom corner. That's because I have started thinking of ideas for a part 2 for this story already. Just ideas....no promises. I need to see how the public perseveres this story first.

The first 3 chapters or this story are completely done! But I still have a long way to go.

WARNING: I will try my hardest to update the story and post a new chapter every week (like I usual do) but since I'm lucky enough to be working I only have the weekends to write so I might extend my posting a chapter to every OTHER week, just to give myself more time to complete it. The story has 3 chapters completely done so far but I'm hoping to make this story last at 10 chapters long but no more then 12.

(** I want to avoid another 20 chapter story. That was daunting! **)

Let me know if you're excited for this story and you can't wait to read this story.

Stay home and stay safe! And read Kim Possible Fan Fiction! :)