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My Name is Chris. I write Kim Possible adult fan fiction on Fanfiction.net. My 1st story - Cheer Fight - is now a comic thanks to Ironwlf at TeaseComix.com

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I'm writing Cheer Fight Fantasy!

Posted by ChrisPalmerX - 1 month ago

Cheer Fight Fantasy is slowly being written!


I'm in the process of writing my LAST X rated story. I say my "last" because it will have a "theme" to it. A Porn Theme.

Before I go any further I want to remind you that...GOOD - WRITING - TAKES - TIME!

I thought of this idea a few months ago but I didn't know how to write it. How do I put a story on FanFiction.Net that isn't really "about" Kim Possible? Then after I watched Ready Player One again, it hit me! A VR GAME!!!

Now that the idea is fully formed and I'm actually writing the story, it's slowly taking shape. So far this story will be 13 chapters long. (could be less, could be more but right now it's 13.)

I outlined the entire story and I need to add detail as I go.

This Story Probably Won't Be Published until LATE THIS YEAR! (December) OR...as late as January 2021! My biggest set back right now is the cover. As you can see from above I have an idea for the cover, now I just need someone to draw it. lol

(Ironwolf over at Tease Comix does a LOT of my fan fiction cover art but his hand was injured so he needs to catch up on his own stuff before he does anything new for me.)

Anyway, here's quick synopsis of Cheer Fight Fantasy.

Sara is a 25 year old rich girl who loves Kim Possible. She also loves reading porn fan fiction. After reading the adult comic Cheer Fight she becomes obsessed and wants to role-play as Kim Possible in Cheer Fight. She finds a way to actually "be" Kim in a new VR game. However, when she finally gets to play out her fantasy, will she ever want to leave?

As you can tell it's about a girl who looks at porn and reads porn stories - a lot! So much so that she wants to play out her wildest fantasies...but at what cost?

First off, I'm NOT me bashing porn. Hell, I LOVE PORN! But I thought it would be fun, for a change, to make a story about a GIRL who is obsessed with porn and not a guy. Besides, I think most of us know porn is OK to look at, just don't let it take over your life, like Sara seems to want to do in this story! lol

Anyway, I've got the first 2 chapters all written out already and I'm working on the rest...very slowly. (I do have an actual job too! lol)

I just wanted to tell you guys I'm writing a NEW Kim Possible fan fiction that will be on FanFiction.net but it won't be up until later this year or as early as January 2021. I have to write it.

But...it's coming!